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Problems and Solutions

Overall, Lingon.AI offers a number of advantages over traditional recruitment methods. With the help of Lingon.AI, businesses can save time and money while also increasing their chances of finding the best employees for their needs.


Connect Lingon.AI to your LinkedIn and take advantage of not only your current connections, but harness the power of AI to find perfect candidates far and wide on LinkedIn.

Google X-ray

Google X-ray search is a powerfull tool, often underused by many recruiters. Lingon.AI harnesses the power of Google X-ray at an instant, providing you with the candidates you need


Lingon.AI uses hundreds of databases to complement our other methods, and our database is constantly growing. Providing you with plenty of candidates from all niches and sectors in an instant.

Recruitment is no longer time consuming

Save time and effort by letting Lingon.AI help you find the best candidates

Find qualified candidates faster

Get qualified candidates with Lingon.ai that match your specific needs and requirements quickly

No special expertise needed

Most databases for recruitment are expensive and using them together requires special expertise

Under the hood..

Machine learning systems

Under the hood of Lingon.AI, different machine learning systems work under the guidance of experienced humans as an ensemble to produce optimal candidate selection from state-of-art candidate databases and various other sources.

Identify patterns

For instance, in our approach, one system might be trained to identify patterns in the candidates’ employment histories, while another might classify data on their skills. These systems are tested and verified independently from each other but configured to work together as an ensemble under human supervision together. These two systems provide a more accurate and balanced, recommendation in scale to our expert recruiters than any single system or any human information searcher could provide on their own.

Millions of resumes

Lingon.AI can find you the most suitable candidates for the job. We have access to databases of many millions resumes and our algorithms are constantly learning and improving. We can identify the skills, experience, and qualifications that are most important for the job and match them to the right candidates in no time.

Accurate recommendation

In our approach, humans make the decisions and are the touchpoint of end users, but different machine-learning systems complement one another in providing balanced information to help our experts find the best candidates according to the clients’ requirements. In this way, we can provide a more comprehensive and accurate recommendation than any single algorithm without preference bias.

Lower Cost and Higher Succes Rate

Lingon.AI can help to find and recruit the best employees with lower costs and higher success rates. Lingon.AI can sift through numerous data sources available online much faster than a human can and cross-analyze their content, meaning that more candidates can be considered. In addition, our algorithms can help assess candidates' skills and abilities more accurately than a human can. Thus there is far less chance of making a bad hire.​

Qualified Matching

Lingon.AI can find you the most suitable candidates for the job by considering your specific needs and requirements. We have a vast database of candidates with diverse skillsets and experience, and our algorithms are designed to match you with the most qualified individuals. In addition, our system is constantly learning and evolving, so you can be confident that you're always getting the best possible results.

The recruitment landscape is changing​

94% of marketers say that social media is important for their business - Lingon has helped over 1,000 people with their recruitment needs

Connect with Linkedin and many other recruitment tools and platforms

Connect your favorite health apps and track all your stats live

Connect with the top project management apps to stay focused

Utilize hundreds of valuable databases

Human–artificial intelligence collaboration brought to life

Advanced statistics to track your recruitments and to forecast your business

About Lingon.ai

We are humans superpowered by ensemble machine learning to outperform.

The recruitment landscape is changing

Artificial intelligence has already begun to change the recruitment landscape, and the trend is set to continue. Bet at the edge of the future with the help of Lingon.AI. We find and recruit the best employees with lower costs and higher success rates than traditional recruitment methods

Founded by Recruiters and technologists

Lingon.AI was founded in 2022 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and technologists from Sweden and Finland and we are headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. We want to make a difference in the recruitment industry. We are building the first all-in-one recruitment platform powered by cutting-edge AI. Our mission is to help companies hire better and faster.

Our mission!

We are on a mission to make recruitment more efficient, effective and human. We believe that by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, we can take the pain out of recruiting and help companies hire better talent, faster.

300 million people use recruitment services

(Total Available Market) 300 million people use recruitment services (Serviceable Available Market) Lingon targeting 1% of the market share (3 million people) Product - Find candidates - Match candidates with specific needs and requirements - Get help with recruitment Business Model - Monthly subscription at $500 to $3000 per month. Competitive Advantages 1. Lingon is the only AI-powered platform that helps you with all your recruitment needs 2. Lingon is more affordable than other tools on the market 3. Lingon is human-centric,we treat AI only as a tool that help us in recruiting, not a goal itself.

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